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Have you been putting off getting your business up and running on the internet? the World Wide Web?
Now, there is absolutely no reason to wait any longer!

If you own or operate a small or medium size business in today's high tech environment, your Web site says more about you and how your business operates  than you know. That's why you owe it to your company, as well as your clients and customers to secure a custom World Wide Web site - created by Miramar Media!

--Professional Web consultation
--Professional Web design
--Free Web site management for up 1 year after launch

--Custom graphics

--Logo design
--Consultation and marketing tools to help attract customers

Prices start as low as $1150 for a complete Web site. Choose from 12 basic templates and color schemes, add your company's logo, and you're all set to begin attracting new customers from around the world!

So, don't delay any longer. This Limited Time Offer offer will not be repeated. Act now to begin construction of your very own site on the World Wide Web!

Contact Miramar Media.

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Banner Advertising

Put your business in the loop.
 Advertise your company or product line through the use of Banner Ads on the
1st Business Web site. Whether you select large (468x60) or smaller (125x) banner art, you can rest assured that your message is available to potential clients all day and all night long. As New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles start to wind down at the end of each day, Asia and the Pacific regions are starting to get up and begin their daily search for products and business opportunities.Your Ad is there waiting for them -- efficient, affordable, and reliable -- the cycle never ends.


Banner Ads

Per day rates - Minimum 5 day run
 Term Discounts are available

Exclusive Home Page $80 Size 468x60px Lead Banner on home page
Exclusive Premium $70 Business News menu, Sports menu, Health menu, Lifestyle menu, Free Stuff menu
Exclusive Section $70 Business Resource sections (all), Technology Update section, Arts & Entertainment section
Run of Section $55 Rotate size 125px banner throughout Business News menu, Sports menu, Health menu, Lifestyle menu, Free stuff menu
Run of Site $40 Rotate throughout whole site
Bulk $24 As available. Size 125px ads sold below $20 each will be bumped by higher paying ads.

Who we are
Miramar Media, along with its wholly owned companion Web site,,  is managed and staffed by a dedicated and  experienced group of executives and  professionals in the fields of marketing, public relations, and  public policy, with particular knowledge and expertise in the television broadcast and cable industries.

Whether  your company plans include establishing and maintaining a viable and effective presence on the World Wide Web, advertising for your company or products, planning to participate in an industry trade show or conference, producing a video news release or  teleconference with multi-site hookups -- Miramar Media can provide the right people, planning, resources, and professional execution to make it happen -- at competitive, affordable prices.   

For your next project, Give us a call, Fax, or simply e-mail us today for a free, no cost estimate.

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