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 Finding Love in a WonTon World

Miss Wonton 

A young immigrant's life in New York

Amy Ting is An Na, a recent immigrant from China, who finds work in a Chinese restaurant in New York. Soon she is dissatisfied with her confined lifestyle, and seeks out a group of young Chinese women who meet and date white men at Grand Central Station. She sleeps with a well-dressed white suburbanite, and then borrows his home while he is on vacation. But when he returns unexpectedly, with his wife, An Na must make some tough decisions about her new life in America.

Some 30 years after Sakura Teng made her name as the Asian A-Go-Go Queen of the 70's, her daughter, Amy Ting, took the first step in her journey down a similar road headed for the glitter of the big screen. More on Amy Ting in this biographical feature by Cherylin Tay of getasia.com

Amy Ting

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