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 Johnny Unitas, NFL Legend,  Dead at 69

September 11, 2002 (BBC) -- Johnny Unitas, widely regarded as the NFL's best-ever  quarterback, has died of a heart attack at the age of 69. The "Golden Arm" broke nearly every NFL passing record and won three championships with the Baltimore Colts in an 18-year career. He was inducted into the football Hall of Fame in 1979. On the NFL's 50th anniversary in 1969, Unitas was voted the greatest quarterback of all time. 

Baseball's Ted Williams Gone at 83

Baseball legend was last to hit .400


Full story, first reported at 1:15pm on Friday July 5, 2002 by MSNBC News

Photographic tribute to the man called by many "the greatest hitter who ever lived" (Created by Ted Nathan)




Anna Kournikova


Another dollar, another defeat for Kournikova


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